Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 18 - Wed. "Butterfly"

STEM - gap, rush over 2, then short. The news behind this was funny when I read it, has to do with Alzheimers "proprietary human neural stem cells restored memory and enhanced synaptic function in two animal models relevant to Alzheimer's disease." TWO ANIMAL MODELS, lol, it ripped a ton on animal news, haha! Any news in these bio's lately has been pushing them higher, fuck it.
ROVI - wonder is this ever coming back. on the back of bad e/r $158 million v. $179 million & $0.35 to $0.38. v. $0.57, another analyst had revenues at $182.2 million missing again.  FY is $650 million and $680 million and $1.60 and $1.90. So they are lowering all over the place. It is so beat, but A tentative ceiling level held 13.55 to 13.22, an area shorts may want to watch as a potential top that could see downside drift back toward 13 or below. Reverse later.
VMW - nice perk off 80 after e/r tonight. I like the long Buyers looked most confident Tuesday night at 84 to 85.25, a potential near-term base level for longs to eye and perhaps catch some upside back toward 86.
ANLY - weak today, many are realizing that phase 1 results mean they have to hold through a ton of shit and also the results where in healthy people. Played over/under 19 most of the day, tested 18 for one time, I think we get more 18 tests with a possible crack lower tomorrow.
AFFY - still haven't been able to get them on the phone so I have no clue how this deal effects them, other than, stock, positive.
VVUS - approval of thier diet drug, has to be negative for ARNA and positive for OREX because ARNA has ran from their approval, now we got another drug coming in taking market share, but OREX, yes they've had some run, but now anticipation or run up should bring higher, I think someone said $10 mag or so.
YOKU - prolly bounce off 15.
MOS - short 60 fail.