Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 20 - Fri. "Highway"

UNG - first time this stock has broke above $20 and held in roughly 10 tries so I took some long at 20.49 for a swing. Target $24 or so, but no clue where it will stop, look for topping pattern if 20 doesn't hold stop would be lower 19's.
LCC - has sold off 20% correction in 4 days, so I took some long will give it limited amount of time to work out, target 13.2 area.
SNDK - risk tolerant longs may want to nibble at entry points between 38.60 and 39.10. topped Q2 estimates.
ALGN - Buyers may want to test the waters on any drop back to the 29.50 to 29 area, levels that stood as a tentative floor in the first-half of Thursday's evening action. beating on Q2 and setting a mixed view for its Q3.
AFFY - I had a phone call voice mail from their investment department stating that they did not disclose the financial specifics of the deal with Fresnius other than it put them into 100 stores with option to get into more.  So its a gamble basically on both companies parts and enough doubt for a possible short term short. Prolly one more pop to 18 fail, volume has dried up though, maybe an ignore.
ALNY - not enough interest for this thing to be paid attention to, it may crack on 18.5 area, but it will be so minimal you might as well say fuck it.
FIVE - new ipo with some nice moves up, on watch for higher.  I'd wait to buy the pulls though.