Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 3 - Tues. "Dependence Day"

AZZ - just keeps ripping. this is a low float so not sure if its going to have alot of pulls in it, but I am eying short side. 67's maybe.
LQDT - there was an opinion piece with Off Wall St. but its a service I don't have sub to so I just know that Stifel said it was "meritless." eying the bounce.
STZ - finished higher still sparked by a deal with corona or molson or some beer co. Good range in it, but I'd be looking short or parabolic.
ALSK - swing idea long here, could trend back towards 3+, if so it maybe gets going faster as it approaches, this is a former runner.
INCY - not a short, just broke out at 23.85x24 area so I'd be inclined to go long on weakness and let a r/g push it higher.
BODY - had a sick long trade on it off 9 today, we may see this run test 10, should be a steady climb, see if it supports 9.5 and try long there.
LCC - imo is getting top heavy up here at 14 fails. Short bias, would not play long at this point, oil making some climb back as well.
PCYC - what a beast of a stock, man, shouldn't of been fighting the long this whole time, but thats usually how it happens, eying the short up here around 60, prolly needs to top for a few and weaken before we attack though.
KWK - do no think this is a gear up here, if anything its a sloppy double top that might have one more pop in it and a short then, either that or short the crack on 5.2 area.