Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 5 - Thurs. "Lock It In"

~Whenever you find yourself chasing an entry, always lock your gain in. Patience can sometimes work against you when your chasing.
INCY - I'm long this one after it broke out of its range at 23.85-24 area, it set new 52's and should cross 25 and push before its a short. Brief pause on Tuesday and we long. Not much news on the horizon, other than a few healthcare conferences & some small bio news, which all was positive. Next e/r is Aug 2nd, 2012. Only say this because I may hold for a month, this is a swing trade for me, we'll see. I always say that and end up selling too early, hah.
see below, we may get a surprise e/r beat given past.
KWK - Short bias, its starting to get into its overhead resistance now, 6-6.23 specifically, so we look for what tops look like here before we short, but we are close imo. The few shorts we had previously were just for trades, once we start getting a top here, she should head back down, recent news Barclay's downgrades from equal to underweight.

PVA - actually looking good for a long if it can break above 7.35, alot of longer term resistance so I expect a bull flag over/under 7 area for a min, just keep on radar.
PCX - sick move on tuesday, we may see coals start to rebound, this could have 2+ in it, possible another day or 2 run in it. considering about a 3 day cover on the short float.
HZNP - getting into some resistance at 9, not sure if shorts are available, but I'd be looking into it if I were you.
OSIR - any further washouts we may see quick rebounds for long play.
BODY - nailed this one last week, just wish I had kept some for this monster move, either way I'm beginning to look short once again, similar to a VELT play as we played the long and then we played the short and it tanked nicely for us. This one should be high on the watch list. Stock is squeezing nicely, it may have more in it before the short, just keep watch. I'ma be short out the gate most likely, then long on rebound.
it is extremely beat down though so don't underestimate its power.

LCC - with oil rebounding, this one is top heavy and in need of a pullback and big rest, we may see it at 11's, 10's, possibly a short swing panic back to 9's.
PCYC - stalking the short, 60 is going to be area of interest, honestly though this has been up so much for so long, it may need to top for a few weeks before a real panic wash.
CLDX - the way this one is set up, imo, it most likely won't push much higher here, the 5.5 area break out is a good break out spot, but its not tightly coiled enough to fuel long buyers, not the real power, we'll see a small breakout/fakeout and sell back to <5.