Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 6 - Fri. "Goonin'"

INFA - Issued an earnings warning that it expects Q2 revenue in the range of $188 to $190 mln, below the analyst consensus of $217.6 mln on Capital IQ. EPS are seen in the range of $0.27 to $0.28, vs. expectations of $0.37 per share. Eying the short off 32.
STX - long <24's, the rebound was supported too well for any type of short imo. They expected $5bil and came in at $4.5bil.
BODY - honestly surprised how well this held today, makes me shy away from the short, although I am still eying it for that. possible 11 pop start into. this one is good, it moves slow, safer size.
KWK - gearish, but losing interest from longs imo. Prolly has one more half ass pop, then rounding top test back on 5-6 area and lower, we'll see.
LCC - keeping this on the list cause when the day comes, soon, you'll know when to short it, 14 topish and it'll be a swing short.
SWHC - its weakening, towards eod we had some profit takers, one more day of that kinda behavior and we'll see some panic drops back below 8.5.
YELP - this move has been pretty sick, actually missed it until now, 14 to 27, almost looking at a double off lows here, super power, has some decent volume, but its low float early, we may see this blow off towards 30. all time highs are 31.96. we may see it go there.
OSUR - should head higher off fda approval of some drug. Technically gearing into a cross of 13.5.
PCYC - this one's coming down tomorrow, will be stalking closely for the short. Ideally, I'd like to short it in anticipation of the 57 crack, but I'll prolly wait and let it crack before I take short.
INCY - this was a long swing trade, I still have a couple, but sold most today on the parabolic, good for bout 80c gain. Looking to add back possibly on <25 and see if it can hold uptrend.
KBH - 10.5 is the first level of resistance, possibly a short, but homes are beat and almost every stock in the sector is rebounding, play with that in mind. The thing about these is once they pick a trend they hold it, and this one is uptrending so ...