Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 1 - Mon. "New Quarter Starting"

New Quarter starts Monday, which means a new e/r season is right around the corner. I like to wait and play them after the e/r, mucho monies can be made during this time if you haven't pissed ur stack away during weak trading markets. This is when you tend to see much more trades from me. Good luck. "It was my only wish to rise, above these jelous coward motherfuckers I despise." Tupac from Amtitionz as a Ridah. Speaks for itself this quote, rise above the hate, if they trying to keep you down, but you stacking money and doing it the right way, then stop listening to them and just rise above the bs. Most envy those they can't be like, most will fail, most have to fail. Don't hate, don't fail. Simple as that, get down and stay up. Good luck.

I have many alerts set for these stocks so I'll keep you notified in chat, twitter and real time through my alert service. With that being said, I'm looking at these for my 5 pattern set ups, which you either know or can learn from. Let's go...
CBRX - might be one to watch over this 1 spot and over prvious over head. 1.15 b/o.
FB - might start looking into the long swing. over $22.
UVXY - had that little blip of a perk, on radar for the long trade.
BTH - seems like they wanted to hold it, but then gave up last minute. this may have some juice in it over 26.5, only watching though.
DECK - prime candidate for a run into holidays, Uggs!. 37 cross might have 40's in it.
NVAX - over 2.25 is b/o.
SANP - pump that got off to a nice start, see if continues. no position, but it looks like they may try to really run this thing for a few weeks.
SNTS - b/o over 9, looking strong.
TRGT - beautiful long base, you know how to play it.
HEB - start of head and shoulders.
FTR - failed b/o could be a short because of it, they propped it up to sell it off, liquidation style.
NIHD - 8.5yish area, like how its held up.
PWAV - sick base. Keep heads up for vol and b/o.
PCS - desperate scamble to not have a double top.

MONDAY, Oct. 1
Extended-Hours Earnings: CALM, FGP, TISI.
Economic Data: 10 a.m. ISM Index; Construction Spending.
Extended-Hours Earnings: AYI, MOS, XRTX.
Economic Data: 2 p.m. Auto/Truck Sales.
Extended-Hours Earnings: FDO, MAR, MON, OCZ, RPM.
Economic Data: 7 a.m. MBA Mortgage Index; 8:15 a.m. ADP Employment Change; 10 a.m. ISM Services; 10:30 a.m. Crude Inventories; 2 p.m. FOMC Minutes.
Extended-Hours Earnings: ISCA, RMCF.
Economic Data: 7:30 a.m. Challenger J Cuts; 8:30 a.m. Initial Claims; 10 a.m. Factory Orders.
FRIDAY, Oct. 5
Extended-Hours Earnings: STZ, SMIT.
Economic Data: 8:30 a.m. Payrolls Data; Unemployment Rate; 3 p.m. Consumer Credit.