Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 27 - Thurs. "Crucial Conflict"

NIHD - long still tempting if it gets above 8.4 w/vol. Then next resistance would prolly grind towards 10yish+.
HW - the breakdown 6.45 was short trigger. Next stop should be closer to 5's.
LPHI - Judge ended TX attorney general suit and lifted the dividend restraining suit. Sept 3rd was ex div date and the decision can and most likely will be appealed. I like the short when they find out that many are getting a dividend payed to them at 1.5 per share and the stock is at high 3's. Also, the appeal would play a large role, even the looming presence of the fact that this isn't set in stone. Also, for a judge to go against TX AG is big, we'll see. Good case for a short trade.