Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 10 - Mon. "Forgive me"

ADNC - Hoping this is one of those misuderstood stocks that rebounds all the way back. A ton of rumors floating around, but stock held 6 and reversed by eod, holding the reversal. Looking for it to trend back up towards 7.5's+
GMCR - looks like its going 30's, btw.
KERX - the breakout will be over 2.25, prolly wait for that spot.
ALSK - 2.25 b/o on volume, is what I'm looking for. Failed this last attempt so it may not make it on the next, but you want to set alerts on those prices and watch it when it touches, if you see it go with volume, then I'd try the long.
HEK - might be worth the short on the 4 crack or on a nice parabolic, with the parabolic being preferred.

ZLC - we prolly see this one go sideways now with slight moves up, 6 on volume with eventually be the long catalyst again. I'm doubtful that it breaks down, if we do, I'd buy the dip or the 6 b/o.

PCS - double top at 10.25, the crack on 9.5, which is where you should set an alert, is confirmation of the short swing for a trade. yw
 in closing,
SNSS - I think this has big phase 3 catalyst coming out this month, so we may get a nice few days of a long on this one, once I peg the data date out. Technically the b/o is 3.5 area, could start in as early as 3.4, I know I feel like I'm going to miss this one and regret it later, hope not, good luck.

"Forgive me i'm a rider, still I'm just a simple man. All I want is money, fuck the fame I'm a simple man."
~I've been relating some lyrics to stock trading lately, this one is pretty straight forward, all I want is money fuck the fame. Related to stocks all I want to make is good trades, see my plan through and forget the notoriety. Too many want you to glorify them after they make a good call, I may try to self promote some, but in the end its only to further my vision, could care less if you pump my name or give me fame, more so happy helping anyways, I do it all for free, dang near. Just know its coming from a positive place, that's all I want.
MONDAY, Sept. 10
Extended-Hours Earnings: AF, CASY, FIVE, LMNR, COOL, OSH, PANW, PPHM, PNY, SHFL, TITN.
Economic Data: 3 p.m. Consumer Credit.
TUESDAY, Sept. 11
Extended-Hours Earnings: AEPI, GCOM, HSOL, PTN, DFZ, UNFI.
Economic Data: 8:30 a.m. Trade Balance.
Extended-Hours Earnings: NTSC, UWN, PLL, PMFG (PMFG:$7.65,00$0.11,001.46%) , PTSX, SEH, STRM.
Economic Data: 7 a.m. MBA Mortgage Index; 8:30 a.m. Import/Export Prices; 10 a.m. Wholesale Inventories; 10:30 a.m. Crude Inventories.
THURSDAY, Sept. 13
Extended-Hours Earnings: ALOG, JRJC, GENT, LRN, LAKE, PIR.
Economic Data: 8:30 a.m. Initial Claims; PPI; 12:30 p.m. FOMC Rate Decision; 2 p.m. Treasury Budget.
FRIDAY, Sept. 14
Extended-Hours Earnings: OSN, SUTR, WPCS (WPCS:$0.73,00$0.03,004.29%) .
Economic Data: 8:30 a.m. Retail Sales; CPI; 9:15 a.m. Industrial Production/Capacity Utilization; 9:55 a.m. Michigan Sentiment; 10 a.m. Business Inventories.