Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 20 - Thursday. "Easy"

Def don't think the market is easy by any means, but as I tweek this Boomwin Strategy I feel like the 85% win rate on is only going to get better. If you guys haven't checked out the offer on the side do so, contact me, ask about it, I'm willing to work with you on the pricing per say.
Today, in chat we hit BVSN, ATPAQ, QCOR, just to name a couple and I nailed BVSN myself at 9.4 and boom 2 points later its a massive gain in the same day, easy if you know what I tell you to know. Gets to a point you have to take the leap and trust me that I'm going to help you. I'm the kind of person that has to have a win, don't allow myself many failures. Whatever though, I hate having to say this to you guys, but its sad no one has hardly taken any lessons lately, I was doing 2-3 a week. People, more imporantly, you guys are lazy. Reason why I win on every different level, its not god given, its hard work ontop of hard work. I didn't write this to feel ego, just want to jar somthing loose into your head so I can make some money off what I'm teaching, I beleive in it, whole heartedly, Nate taught me alot, Sykes, Kunal, Mary, Kimble even, bb, Matthias, Laura, Mud, Kat, I could keep naming, Trader, Cramer, you just have to hear/listen to it and take it to heart and reflect on it - learn above all - brick, fous, bman, offshore, sang, lincoln, c'mon get ur energy level up! Lets gain

JAG - this a nice one, 1.8's maybe, nice flag ... long idea.
BVSN - prolly up and donw a lot from here, but 11/cash, I'd like it to fade and flatten out over days so we can hit another breakout.
QCOR - citron drop and we played the bounce to nail it all ways. Keep on radar.
PRAN - might keep taking off, volume needed.
ACHN - looking for the 10 fail and fade. Maybe puts.
LEI - buy the dip, volume and red/green move hope.
PPHM - check the 5 year chart, we may see this one grow over the next few years.
ACAD - sick base on the 5 year, this maybe one to watch, no daytrade or swing entry just yet.
REFR - yeah short.
AFFY - closely watching for puts. oct 20's maybe nov.
ZLC - fudge I missed that break out today. prolly buy weakness, funds still sup.
APPY - I'm drawn to this one, base and beat.
ODP - may resume grind up.
UVXY - kinda double bottoming at 29, keep an eye on any wash below for a long play. Otherwise it may grind higher.
TASR - bounce at 5.5yish.
AUDC - good short tomorrow.
JCP - I hate this stock, company, etc. looking at puts, need to do some dd first though.
AONE - higher low, I like the long swing, possibly a .50 move soon.