Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 21 - Fri. "You Don't Get It"

KERX - over 2.55 is b/o with vol.
AUDC - likely a short if it breaks below
QCOR - I think this settles around $28 before popping and dropping, should be good ranger.
APPY - one of my favorite long watches.

HEB - woke up towards eod, b/o is .90yish.
NIHD - bs news about CEO buying 40k shares, love the set up long though, but as more and more find out it'll fade.

AONE - watch for lower highs and a gear, could be a long. reversal of furtune.
TIBX - this is my personal favorite value company. Just watch it, quick drop and back in ah's

You Don't Get it!!

It's why your account has dwindled down, you blame it on bills being due and excuse after excuse as to why you messed the trade up this time.

You Don't Get it!!

You alert stocks that you think are good buys because you heard from some joe blow who is suppossed to be the next InvestorsLive, but he didn't learn how to trade from IL (I did) and his is severly lacking.

You Don't Get it!!

If you stay headed down the frustrating sleepless nights of worry about is my stock going to perform well because you don't know why they move or when to buy because you don't know what indicators predict future movement then you won't make good trades, the money won't follow & you will have to pick a different career.

You Don't Get it!!

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