Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 18. Thurs - "Fairytale"

CHK - broke out at 20.68, this is an e/r run up, it may want to run into the 23.5 area before, thats alot of points though so something more conservative. Many will chase it up though. Tomorrow may have 22+ in it, but its a swing idea.
SIFY - habitually a failure after a run. The Fade set in midday. On watch for set up. Either long on consol or short on back up.

MCP - 11.25 is breakout spot, long looks better and better on these chinas. We'll see I'ma stalk it for a little bit. Watch early dips see if they are supported & followed by perks for long play. Some resistance at 11.8, but after that pretty decent upside.

ANR  - closed on highs after breaking out. Eying early price action with a short in mind.