Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 17 - Wed. "My Shadow"

ACHN - failed breakout today, but keep on watch if it starts to gear this could push new 52's over a swing trade. also news about ABT suppossed to be negative for ABT not for ACHN.

AAPL - looks like a long into earnings. Want to buy weakness first, don't chase. Although it has a tendency when it gets going to be a good chase, fyi.

FSLR - nice break out of down trend line, maybe have a run towards 26 left in it, where there is some overhead.

ARNA - wants to breakout at 9.4x9.5 so bad it just keeps getting sold into, once it goes will push to $10's+. Only will if we all stop looking.

GLUU - sideways price action after bounce, should head back down now, watching this one closely tomorrow for the short trade. .63