Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 24 - Wed. "One up, One down"

PPP - 7.92 is 52's, it broke out of bull flag and should get there.

WDC - Great trader today and great range, the 35 area failed so be notice. Inclined to short pops. I like playing the short and let it pullback consolidate and sideways price action with perks off that flatness for a long play, only after short first.

ISIS - Cramer run up, see if it gets any good run to short into, I think it needs more sideways price action before its actually a technical set up (long.) I think the Cramer news fabricated an early technical breakout, therefore, I'd be short on any strong pop, then let it show ur the long.

MAKO - a run to $16 might be in the cards.
MNST - $41 cross tomorrow and we'll run. Perks after hours up 42

XRTX - held its trend today, shoul see highr soon

INFA - long first, overhead at $32 area.

FB - nice strong move up ah's on an e/r beat.

NFLX - prolly sets new 52 week lows soon, their e/r read badly.