Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 26 - Fri. "Kick Game?"

ZLC - failed breakout, looking to short any pops for the hold.  With e/r coming up many think e/r run up, but its already run up and it failed that break out and sold off nicely, any big moves I'll be looking short.

EGHT - nice move all day, tried to double top at resistance at 6.8 area, then pushed through testing close to 52's at 7.02 I beleive. I think it pushes soon.

CROX - sold off early, midday and tried a bounce b4 closing very close to lows. I expect this slowly drifts lower, possibly into 9 territory before I'd look long, they forcast a weak next quarter.

CHTP - nice run today, I had an alert for 1.4 and never took the long trade. Shame on me.

OSTK - this low float had a sick push, early weakness may get some lifts back up. r/g catalyst. Other than that play, ideally I'm stalking the short, but these low floats can rip it sometimes, keep that in mind.

TIBX - I put this on here because i love the company and they are getting cheaper for a long hold.

P - aaple anounces online radio service & kills them. should have a good range in it. with a bias toward lower.