Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 29 - Mon. "Hallows Green"

SHLD - 64 was the breakout long, I missed it initially, but is on watch now. This is an accumulate dips chart. 11/12/12 is next e/r. This could be a run up.
FB - Upgraded, I like the long eventually, but not when it has news or upgrade, less is more. Lockup Monday expiry.
TASR - nice e/r beat, stock was gearish midday, faded, then ripped eod to new 52's, weak open prolly rips again and then short bias, won't be rushing into it though.

ADNC - needs volume over 7.3 for a run towards 8+.

DECK - caught an upgrade to neutral from Sterne, but Posner's comments were contradictory. "investing in hope is not a good idea. its time to back off, not time to buy." I don't really understand the upgrade if its not time to buy, neutral anyways. On watch. Theres an old financial saying why make it simple when you can make it complicated. Applies here.

QLIK - double bottom at 17.6 area, breakout at 18ish.
OSTK - pushed for new 52's again today, this may have 20's in it, I wanted early weakness for r/g and long. I missed it every which way, but loose.

NFX - I like the long over 27.33 area, its starting to test more and more, feeler then pad, then size, take the trade.

HMSY - big washout overnight 27 to 18ish. Had an eod day rip higher, prolly on short watch tomorrow.