Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 13 - Tue. "Die Young"

PPC - trying to breakout over $6 mark. I didn't buy, I am looking to get soon though on a slight dip. I think tgt should be 6.5-6.7.

ZLC - good watch here, 11/19 is e/r, bull flag breakout , there was a hidden buyer walking this up all day in to the parabolic.

MCP - long bias, but its been getting killed. I'm watching the washes or weakness for longs, haven't taken the trade yet.

IMH - this is the beginning of the end. New 52's pop followed by hard selling, I am looking short bias on this one, I think longs getting out at this point. The words out, 3 point drop in 30 mins gona shake them.

VVUS - crazy big red candle towards eod and snap back, scared to long this one because of that, but maybe watch it.

SRPT - having its bounce, not sure if news related. $24 was long sold out, shoulda held, gap and push towards $30 + area for the short. Otherwise, if it weak opens maybe long again towards 30-32 area. 29.5 to 31.67 have resistance.