Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 14 - Wed. "Sloppy Swish"

CLNE - kept setting new highs, I missed each and every one of them, I'm lookign to short for a trade at resistance, which is 12.6 area. 13 being larger.

VVUS - Failed to breakout, but held highs for the most part, good sideways price action looking to breakout again, may need to pull and consolidate before moving higher.

SRPT - needs to breakout over 27.6 for the run towards 30.

NTE - failing breakouts, personally like to short the false breakout moves. The crack on 14 could bring panic, although its bull flagging, if that crack is met with support this will run again. Gota call that audible at the line.

DVAX - data comes out and rips the stock, watch for it to perk and go again. It may run again if it rips through 4.8,

MBI - bad news concerning BAC brought the stock down to its knees today, still faded ah's last time I looked. Any big washouts I'd look for the bounce play, but it closed on lows so it maybe goes lower, no telling where it'll stop, my guess would be 5.99 because 2 year low.

BIDU - snap under $100 and set new 52 week lows at 99.71.
JRCC - watching closely for a long trade.
FB - lockup expires.
JCP - long bias, this thing is tanking home.
MCP - I hate this long, but I'm watching it.