Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 16 - Fri. "The Grain Constrain"

JCP - eying the long hard, defensive down here, but with that being said, it seems as if bankruptcy is a looming question, they will officially burn through all their cash before next Christmas, I'm looking for the oversold bounce first before they head lower.
MCP - beat beyond beleif, was a midday story about China rare earths & china been back in the news as far as low float runners, ie. CALI, RCON, SORL, etc. So watch it for any washouts, am interested in the long, but we are finding out "rare" earths arent' so rare. Kinda like the Federal reserve not being federal or a reserve. Really no key sup levels as its at all time lows. Just look for the reversal patterns from boomwin patterns.

CRUS - another favorite beat stock I been watching. it tried to defend $30, but no avail it should of held that gap fill area, but its oversold at this point, most likely # 1 on my long watch.
AAPL - on hard watch too this 520 spot should have some support. I think everyone thinking it is.

all these chinas& low floats watch: DANG, RENN, CALI, RCON, SORL, CLNT