Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 15 - Thur. "Accumulation Nation"

INSM - bull flag breakout at $6.92. It may continue, but I"m only watching for a parabolic to short for the trade.

UCO - I like the long over $27, sitting tight today. this does have time decay so it make the long o/n more difficult, even though I think the long o/n is what would net the biggest return.

CALI - overhead at 4.5, should run there & then be a short bias.

CLNE - 13.2 rejected 2wice, but looks like its tryning to form support, we may try the long over res.

CHTP - is a bull flag formation, with the breakout being $1.7 area, for a run towards $2+. I like this one, but would be a swing long.