Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 10 - Mon. "Mrs. Takes"

GRPN - this mkt darling could rip towards $5+. I will probably stay away from it, but if I do trade I can only see myself on the short side after its had its run, which means Tuesday or Wednesday.
UEPS - held 5 very well, eventually we look to short big pops and then crack 5.

SHLD - short the failed breakout at 43.5 for trade, then if it pulls & consols should be a long for a breakout at 43.5.

CBMX - crazy mover, ony watching.
FSLR - short bias on big pops or a gap up even. 29.25 area is b/d.

SINA - base, needs to get over 42.71 to be a good long.

SD - long bias to 7.4 or so, then I like the short for a trade.