Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 11 - Tues. "Ego Fails"

GRPN - long weakness if and only if it looks like panic. We need a good wash to buy.

MCP - # 1 on short watch, I like the para over 10.6ish or so. Washlong possible short turned parashort, which means we can make big money on the way back down as it could snap back towards 9's with patience holders.

CRUS - cracked 28 for the first time in a while, should see 27 or lower soon, I missed adds on the s/s 2 times. Shorting early strength. This is the washlong possible short area again because its cracking previous support so we may see a washout towards 27 or lower. I'm s/s bais on that early pop towards 27.8 - 28.

UNXL - short stalk. Had to look back 5 years to find any over head spots where profit takers may take profits. 15.75 - 17 came up, not very valid though, just searching for anything. Obvious if it para's hard early will s/s it and take the trade. if 13.9 area cracks should see lower quickly.

SHLD - broke out hard over 43.5 longing weakness tomorrow. Support at 43.3 area needs to hold, and then we think 46 tgt.