Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 14 - Fri. "Core On"

HLF - 45 is the crack spot, has tested it so many times needs to washout. Careful though buyout chatter looms.
FB - rumor of lockup expiry, so it cracked midday, but not seeing it.
RIMM - ah's movement, will be a good short at 14+ tomorrow, may fail 14.
JCP - short bias on pops or para's. Suprised it closed on highs.
ZLC - bounce is overdue. Sideway pa and gear action, this the Grindlong if you're familiar with the Boomwin Setups.
CRUS - almost washed out at 27, but lows held into SPY perk. 27 is the area you want to see crack if its going to wash.
ADBE - ah's its hitting new 52 week highs. if weak open may take it long.