Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 17 - Mon. "Game Changer"

EGHT - new 52's breakout, should keep going towards 8.
CRUS - washout after washout, gota start getting long biased on it. Monday any weakness I'd be looking long. If trend reverses size in.
JCP - extremely short biased on this one, almost too much, but 23 may end u coming before she fades. It is laced with hidden buyers still.
SINA - 46.5 some resistance looking to s/s pops over or fails of.
ZAZA - should run towards 2.75 and then short it, I say short because I missed the long trade and have to stalk short now. Still may look to buy weakness until 2.5+ start para.
RIMM - eying the short pretty steadily, 14 had some problems, but it may need one more big push towards 15 to finally let us get a good solid s/s on it.
X - watch the recross on $24 for a long. This just broke out of the flag and should run. Flag breakout was at 23.5 so that needs to hold.
ARIA - missed my short on this one and then tried to long it, dumb, was frustrated because the s/s woulda banked so hard, again, gota always keep control over emotions. One small second you let them slip in and bam, loss. Stock was super weak on friday, almost expect more of the same, s/s on pops.
BEBE - long bias, it broke out at 3.85, accumulate dips and then we go 4 cross.