Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 21 - Fri. "Doomsday"

Well, we had a nice run. This is it, Mayan's saying 12/21/12 is the finale to the world. Cya guys

RIMM - long bias, they want to close this above 13.5 for the year, imo. It beat on e/r, but guided concerned many, still think the new blackberry looks pretty cool and will prolly put up some good #'s, technically speaking I think it bounces.

NIHD - short bias, sideways price action is indicative of a top, crack is the 7.35 level. Closed on highs, could just as easily breakout 7.6 is where more resistance is. Baffles me that people think this is a long still though. I was long on the 5.4 breakout so to see it 50% higher in a few days and not to be thinking it needs a rest/pullback.

VELT - any more ups I'm heavy on this short. Remember this one people forget about and it drifts back to 52 week lows, then it gets momo back and rips, its not one that we play because we see great value. Short bias, its gap filled already at 5.2, it may have 5.5 pop then s/s. 5 days straight ups with that bringing a roughly 50% gain in 5 days to longs. We were long this one too so again, baffled cause e/r sucked bad too with demand for what they do, but rising costs of everything, operating on a fixed cost price model and yeah it looks great, but a variable cost model is why its not as peachy and why stock sold off hard.

GMCR - I think they want this one above 44 by end of year for window dressing.