Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 20 - Thurs. "On Land Gatherer"

RVBD - If it paras short it, we were long off that 18.3 breakout, now 2-3 days later its hitting high 19's, so any move over 20 where the gap fill is or a fail of, I'd be s/s bias.
STP - buy dips, this stock broke out today at 1.09 and kept running towards 1.25, this will be a buy dips situation and then 1.4 target tomorrow. Prolly goes 1.5's friday, then short.
BIDU - Washlong Possible Short. 102.5 area resistance with 99 area as a target.
MAKO - first day of perks, long bias over 13.79, will cross 14, will trend up for the day, will be a swing, will work. hah, I like this one alot.