Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 7 - Thurs. "Pen Club, 15th Member"

CREE - UBS "neutral," Needham "buy", they reiterated their guidance, eps was in line, revenue fell short, the street is just not beleiving it. I am so short biased at this point, haven't acted yet. still dont think its done running yet, didn't reject any whole number very hard. When it does, ss >then that #. Maybe short sell >55's.

AVAV - short bias because they cut their fy forecast, I like ss >20, for trend reversal and fade back to 18.5 test, if cracks then we got 17's.

QIHU - failed to hold 33, support and breakout point a few days back, which means to me that it has started to top, despite the e/r beat and guidance above forecasts, I'd watch for the short, tape says its priced in. 28-26 tgt on downside if short is the path.