Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 8 - Fri. "Would You Quit Doing This"

AFFY - Complete synapsis of the news AFFY OMONTYS ( caused Anaphylaxis in .02% of patients. Fresenius Medical says OMONTYS should return. If you want my opinion, it was all talk today, and a little bit premature, someone wanted or needed a bounce. I DID NOT read the actual note, had someone tell me the cliff notes. With that being said, its severely beat down and has power to push 5+ like nothing.

P - sick move ah's. Q4 was above estimates and they are also looking for a new CEO, many people love Pandora's service, I am one of them. I think its a struggle to get people to pay for it, but I also think its a struggle to get anyone to pay for anything anymore. Take the trades as they set up, prolly could be both ss and long on this one tomorrow.

FB - kinda starting to look like a head and shoulders pattern, not there yet, but something to take notice of, if 29 fails and forms that right shoulder.

UNXL - you have to keep this on watch all day everyday, has the potential to keep squeezing peeps for a while, big timers gota be locked in trading around a deep red core. It rejected 28 pretty hard and then gave up points so you can make some $ on this range if you play proper, which is buying the breakouts at the b/o point and then shorting paras, not something you should build an position in, either long or short.

DRIV - I like the long over 15 on volume.