Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 11 - Tues. "Make a Stand"

KNDI - Short bias, think this move is far overreached considering its China shady news on a company that has a go cart, they calling it a car, lmao. Def not on par with TSLA. Short bias, adding on paras, swinging short, back to 5, then need to raise $, so offering is around the corner.

ACAD - another one I think got too far too fast, up on news from Baker Bros taking 22% stake in the company, so what. Short bias on moves up, I think it maybe good for a long early on if you can get dips, then be baised short for a fade back to under 20's, hoping she paras through. From 2 to 20 in a year, pretty sick. Crack is 18.75 spot, 20 is b/o spot.