Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 31 - Mon. "Independence Day Week"

Hello ppl, just an update. is down right now because I'm working on launching my own site, I converted it back to a blog while I do that so I can still update you on a few stocks here and there as I proceed.
CSIQ - I think this one holds up, dont look for some huge crack, although, I'll be shorting the paras, taking most off on the drop and then keeping small in case of a large crack on 10 spot could get washy as ppl take in the fact that its not Samsung per say, but their renewable energy dept.
P - 19.37 spot is 52's, we may see it grind towards that spot, but I'm eyeing pops to short into, let it fade. The deal with new cars and whatnot was pretty big, but it shot up fast.