Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 8 - Mon. "9, 10 I'm Back Again"

CLDX - Obvious short stalker, but I'm going to break down the dd on it as well as the technical analysis.  One thing to take into account is the massive amount of volume that it is still doing at these levels. It hit around 9 mil back last year December and that was at 6 bux so this is impressive. Its almost 400% from where massive volume reigned in but why? So the so-called miracle drug is CDX 1135, u can read about it but let me tell you the synopsis and why its not some end all to end all drug to cure kidney failure. So get this, its the only drug of its kind that can treat DDD, but DDD itself is a rare kidney disease that only effects 2-3 million people. Not a year, 2-3 million people, if you havent gotten it between the ages of 5 and 15, to sometimes 20 years of age, 99% of the time you wont contract this rare of rare diseases. So first off it doesn't affect that many people. Secondly, this isn't a cure, its a treatment that works in mouse models so far and has been shown to control the abnormal complement activity and to reduce deposits in the kidneys. So it doesn't cure, but only has been shown to control and reduce the deposits, not eliminate, so you still have the disease. 1. its rare and rarely occurs in small amount of ppl. 2. it isn't a cure. Finally, their specific words in closing on the drug are this "we are confident" and "may be able to restore," so based off of these words the stock has ripped to almost 400% on the back of a huge amount of shares. I believe this hype will die fast once ppl realize this is not a cure its barely a positive treatment in a mouse model. I have no position, but monday I will be building a short any move over 21.75, all these firms are hyping and initiating on it based off of hype and the fact that they most likely bot  on December 10th at 6 bucks. Don't get caught in the hype.