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Preview May 14

Milestone Financial Investments
  1. HAUP = 3.03close, 3.37ah's, this company enables the iphone, ipad, etc to be able to stream live TV from their devices. 
  2. NVDA = 14.65close, 14.10ah's, Shorts may want to target possible entry points near 14.76 to 14.68, levels that set up as a ceiling tonight and withstood some aggressive volume upside tests. However, it's likely NVDA opens early trade well below this area, and more risk tolerant shorts may want to bring the entry down near 14.50 to 14.20, levels that could set up as a morning ceiling.
  3. FISV = 49.95close, 52.57ah's, new person to person money transfers through their bank account.
  4. SHLD = 110.96c, 115.3ah, opens first outlet mall in metro Atlanta, I hate this idea. Short.
  5. SVA = 5.44c, 5.04ah, Sinovac Biotech Sees Rev From 8.74M H1N1 Vaccine Doses Recognized In 2011.
  6. Meanwhile, another stock that was supposed to trade Thursday, Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp., failed to price Wednesday night. Its terms were cut and it is expected to trade Friday instead.
  7. JWN = 41.29c, 43.03 - 39.02ah range.
    • Early longs may want to watch the 40 to 40.25 range as a prospective entry point, an area that could see bumps back into the mid-40s. On the short side, the 41.25 to 41 range developed as a tentative ceiling tonight, an area that could see drift back into the high- to mid-40s.
  8. CA = 21.88, edged lower in after-hours action after coming in shy of earnings expectations.
    • Shorts may want to watch for any return to the 21.45 to 21.25 range, levels that stood as a ceiling and pushed back some moderate volume upside tests through the mid-sessio of tonight's trade. More risk tolerant shorts may want to sit closer to 20.90 to 20.60, a tentative ceiling level that evolved late this evening but did not get much of an upside test.