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Preview June 16

  1. Fifth Street Finance (FSC:$12.10,00$0.30,002.54%) declined in evening trade after announcing it commenced an eight million share offering
    • 12.10 to 11.50
    • Short, depending the value of the share offering makes alot of decisions about what to be on this and I couldn't find it, but probably is lower than 12 considering ah's move.
  2.  Clarcor (CLC:$36.4500,$0.9900,2.79%) advanced in after-hours trade after beating Q2 expectations and raising its earnings guidance.
    • 36.44 to 38.80
    • Long, Major uptrend all week, so after this beat it should continue, but people may want to take profits after pops, so you can Long the sell offs, or short the major pops.
  3. QLT Inc. (QLTI:$6.25,00$-0.015,0-0.24%) disappoints with 12-month results from Denali study. Once, it got off After-Hours Halt - Sliding 3% on Study Results. 
    • 6.25 to 6.04
    • Mixed, don't know alot about this drug of if its good or bad, but I'm leaning short on this stock since it declined ah's and this could be based off of the phase III study.
  4.  HealthTronics (HTRN:$4.80,00$0.01,000.21%) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Endocare, Inc., has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Endocare's Cryocare CS Surgical System, including Endocare's variable cryoprobe, known as the V-Probe.
    • 4.77 to 5
    • Long, steady uptrend, coming off good news, not great, but strong news could create a slow steady uptrending inch-by-inch move all day.
  5. Dell Inc. (DELL:$14.00,00$0.91,006.95%) has launched a number of new products in Bangladesh. The new products launched at a function at a city hotel night include laser printers, projectors and UPSs. The new products launched by Dell will help organizations of all sizes to grow and thrive by enhancing their IT performance while bringing in cost efficiencies.
    • 13.77 to 14.10
    • Long, steady uptrend with good news for a few days, keep an eye on sell off, dips, and pops.
  6. Sydney-traded shares of News Corp. (NWSA:$14.37,00$1.25,009.53%) jumped 5.1% Wednesday, following the media firm's 6.8% rise in the U.S. after confirmation of its bid to buy out British Sky Broadcasting and BSkyB's subsequent rejection of that bid. News Corp. is the owner of MarketWatch, publisher of this report.
    • 14.37 to 13.87
    • Mixed, may continue downtrend based off of buy of BSky, but could be a good bargain around 13.5 if it drops to. Like to see this drop then find a good steady buy and bounce 50cents.
  7. PhotoMedex, Inc. (PHMD:$5.678,0$0.128,02.31%) announced today that John Koo, MD will be the principal investigator in Clinical Trial Using the XTRAC Velocity├é® Laser in the Treatment of Severe Generalized Psoriasis.
    • 5.68 to 6.30
    • Short, not alot of volume with this one, but I'd short the run up, if it makes one.
  8. Blackstone Reportedly Pulls Out Of Race For Westimmob, leaving Apollo Group, Inc. (APOL:$48.30,00$0.70,001.47%) still in the running with another group whom they have better financing over. 
    1. Stocks with implied volatility above 30-day mean; Apollo Group (APOL:$48.30,00$0.70,001.47%) , 
    2. Qualcomm (QCOM:...) , 
    3. Research In Motion (RIMM:$62.79,00$3.473,05.85%) according to IVolatility.
    • 48.53 to 60.13
    • APOL strength in tonight trading is based of alot of speculation and what ifs.
    • Short, based on that.
  9. (BP:$31.40, .72%, -2.38) "President Barack Obama on Tuesday said in his debut speech from the Oval Office that the BP oil spill is an " epidemic" that the nation will be "fighting for months and even years." "Obama vowed that BP would pay the price for its "recklessness" in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill."
    • 31.40 to 30.40
    • Obviously the world didn't like what Obama had to say stock down after hours, this one has been bouncing around alot lately, mostly down, but range 29-34, seems to be short and long sup and res levels.
  10. Magna International Inc. (MGA:$71.44,00$2.23,003.22%) today reported that Glass Lewis & Co, a proxy advisor that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, has recommended to its institutional clients that they vote against a proposed transaction that would eliminate Magna's dual class share structure.
    • 71.44 to 69flat
    • Long, this is a good bargain at 68, wouldn't buy any sooner and would wait for it to show strength at that level first.
  11.  InfoLogix (IFLG:$6.10,00$-0.80,00-11.59%) is up after the company says it has agreed for Intellectual Ventures Fund 68 LLC to acquire IFLG's U.S. and South Korean patents on Touch Screen Systems and Methods, for $2.2 million.
    • 5.90 to 6.09
    • Long scalps, I wish this would be a Long pop, but it will probably continue down, but there will be pops to scalp.
  12. When Wendy's/Arby's Group Inc. (WEN:$4.61,00$0.07,001.54%) sold a $500 million term loan in late May, the deal included a clause allowing the company's largest shareholder, Nelson Peltz'sTrian Group, to increase the size of the deal by 60% if the hamburger chain were sold.
    • 4.57 to 4.61
    • Long, expect a pop back into $5's.
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