Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 28

* Milestone Financial Investments LLC ~ Intra-Day Scalping at its Finest *
"Scalping-Man, I am."
  • Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. (FBC:$3.4300,$0.0800,2.39%) (the "Company"), the holding company for Flagstar Bank FSB, today reported a second quarter 2010 net loss. 
    • Love this company, maybe you can get some shares cheap tomorrow. 
  • President Barack Obama pushed the Senate on Tuesday to pass legislation he says will benefit small businesses and generate jobs, and called on Republicans to back what he described as a plan similar to programs they had supported in the past.
    • Dont know about this plan, but generating jobs should be what we are focused on. 
  • President Barack Obama remains committed to extend Bush-era tax cuts for middle class Americans but thinks those for the wealthy ought to expire to help ease the U.S. budget deficit, the White House said on Tuesday.
    •  Yeah fuck the rich and Richard Nixon's dumb-ass "trickle down theory" that worked out real nice, fucking 50 year old idiots!
  1. Chip maker Silicon Image Inc. (SIMG:$3.35,00$-0.12,00-3.46%) swung to a second-quarter profit after more than a year of quarterly losses, while its top line beat guidance.
    •  3.34 to 4.04
    • Shot up to high, sup 3.475, 3.45, 3.4, 3.35. 3.27, all are long side entry points (3.1-3.5).
    • I am LONG this stock.
  2. Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.'s (BWLD:$40.85,00$-0.90,00-2.16%) second-quarter profit jumped 31% on better- than-expected sales growth, although, same-store sales dipped slightly.
    •  40.84 to 44.25
    •  Shot up to 44.25 ah's high, stayed there, sup 41.2, 40.5 (39.2-42.5) 41.2 is my LONG entry point area.
  3. Illumina (ILMN:$41.26,00$-1.49,00-3.49%) gained in night trade after reporting a year-over-year increase in Q2 results and guiding its 2010 revenue view above the Street consensus.
    •  41.22 to 45.75
    •  Shot up to high, stayed there and I expect continuance upward on this LONG major sup level 42.8, (41.2-43.6) could move higher if gets strong (44.5-45.5).
  4. Seattle Genetics Inc (SGEN:$12.80,00$-0.20,00-1.54%) said it expects to report topline data from a pivotal trial on its lead product, an experimental treatment for lymphoma, by late September to October, sending its shares up 7 percent.
    •  12.74 to 14.99
    •  Shot up to 13.8, sup levels and LONG entry points 11.8, 12.1 (11.5-13.8)
  5. Cephalon (CEPH:$62.90,00$2.07,003.40%) declined in the evening session after posting Q2 results that topped expectations but also issuing mixed guidance.
    •  63.52 to 60.11
    •  Drop to 61, sup 60.4, 60, 59.6 (58.7-63.5). Short entry points aforementioned.
  6. JDA Software Group Inc (JDAS:$24.59,00$-0.41,00-1.64%) posted weaker-than-expected adjusted quarterly profit as operating expenses jumped 60 percent, but reported revenue that beat expectations.
    •  24.89 to 23.78
    •  Drop to 23.8, buy 23.7 area, long 24.2, 24.6, 25 (23.4-25.8). I'm LONG at these prices.
  7. Century Aluminum Co (CENX:$10.55,00$-0.23,00-2.13%) reported a second-quarter net profit on Tuesday, after a loss a year earlier, helped by a gain on forward contracts.
    • 10.63 to 9.90
    •  Drop to 9.9, up to 10, sup 9.7 & 9 area, if it breaks these levels then shorts are the idea, but I'd long if 10.1, 10.2, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, etc hold. (8.9-11.1). I'm Mixed depending on which levels hold for this stock.
  8. Broadcom Corp. (BRCM:$37.53,00$-0.68,00-1.78%)  reported a 21-fold gain in profit, but Broadcom slipped about 1% in after-hours trading following the second-quarter results.
    • 38.21 to 34.91
    • Drop to 36.7, shot up to 38, sup 37.6, could hit 38.25 area (35.4-38.4). 
    • Stock has been uptrending, if you can get it around 35, I would LONG it based of off a 21 fold profit gain.