Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 20

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 1.92 at 1,824.92.
  1. Rambus Inc. (RMBS:$18.75,00$-0.30,00-1.57%) said late Thursday that it has begun to buy back about $90 million of its shares as part of its share repurchase agreement with J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
    • Buyback of shares usually indicates that a company has extra capital and is strong, this was enough to pop the stock 1.2% ah's. 
    • Range 18.75-19, settled 18.9, with a long target of 19.3, sell pressure hit the 19 level hard ah's, but it it breaks upward we could see moves into 9.3x9.4 area.
  2. Blue Coat Systems Inc.'s (BCSI:$18.95,00$0.48,002.60%) fiscal first-quarter profit more than tripled as the sales for the company, which makes technology that reduces the load on networks as they shuttle data back and forth from data centers to computers, increased and margins surged.
    Shares fell, however, on its second-quarter forecast.
    • I'd like to say forecast doesn't matter, but nowadays seems like its everything, what you did doesn't matter, what your going to do, does. -6.3% ah's!
    • This caused a drop to 17.75, pop back to 18.95, a larger dip to 17.62, which was ah's low and finally a settle 18x18.2area. 
    • Look for a push deeper into the red, off of short levels, which could be around 19 if your lucky, with moves below 17.6 and a target of 17.5, possible bounces off this level could occur, but its unlikely with a gloomy forcast.
  3. Cost Plus Inc. (CPWM:$3.14,00$0.07,002.28%) Shrinks Loss That Beats Street, Offer Revenue Guidance - Shares Up 8%, Off Early Sharp Evening High.  Reports a Q2 loss of $0.32, down from $0.94 a year earlier and better than the Thomson Reuters mean analyst estimate for a loss of $0.43.  Revenues of $192.4 million are just ahead of the Street estimates of $192 million.
    Q3 guidance is for net sales in the range of $187 million to $190 million, based on a same store sales increase in the range of 5% to 7%. The Street looks for $1.89.
    • Pop'd to 3.96, drop 3.03, finally settled 3.38 ah's.
    • Up 7.6% ah's.
    • Seen this stock at $5 area in last 2 months, could get a possible move back into that area tomorrow. 
  4. (CRM:$96.4100,$-2.9200,-2.94%) was volatile in two-directional trade following a revenue miss, before trading near the day session close late in evening action.
    • Crazy range ah's where it shot up to 104.01 and back down to 96.37 and then back up to 104area. Got 3.5% ah's.
    • 2Q net was down 30%, but a strong outlook gave this stock wings.
    • Although bad quarter I expect the outlook to give this nice moves up, although it is hitting resistance at 104, a level that has proved to be a big sell off number. 
  5. Intuit Inc.'s (INTU:$38.77,00$-0.58,00-1.47%) fiscal fourth-quarter loss narrowed, albeit by less than the company had forecast, as the tax-software maker's revenue jumped.
    • So the forecast is topping estimates and loss narrowed, albeit the recovery still goes as planned.
    • Up 5.8% ah's, with a pop 39.65, drop 38.76, pop 40.50, drop 40, max 41.21, settle at 41. 
    • This stock tends to follow pretty closely with the dow, but I expect it to be a nice long off of these drop levels. If the market supports it could be a nice move above 41, although it is reaching resistance at that level. 
  6. Dell Inc. (DELL:$12.04,00$-0.15,00-1.23%) reported a 15.5% rise in its second-quarter earnings Thursday as sales grew, boosted by increased demand for the computer giant's servers, networking systems, storage and services, but it spooked investors with compressed margins.
    • Thus, dragging the stock down -2% ah's with a pop up 12.38 and a progressive down-trend 11.68, pop 11.92, ended flat around 11.75area. 
    • Compressed margins don't sound that bad, it made a gain and a gain is a gain is a gain, depending on market conditions I see a reversal of this down-trend later in the day 12 area. 
    • Short then long. 
  7. Tyco International Ltd (TYC:$36.7400,$-0.7300,-1.95%) is returning to the Standard & Poor's 500 after the overseers of that index reconsidered their policy on removing companies that incorporate outside the United States
    • This good news doesn't change what the company does or did, it was simply a policy move, which gives me a move up 38.6, down 37, back to 38.6. 
    • Probably consider not playing this one, could pop and drop, or just pop. Short biased. 
    • Although they did get 4.8% ah's. 
  8.  Scanning these stocks tomorrow for plays: GS-short, V-short, BIDU-long, NFLX-long, CAGC-mixed, NTAP-long, AKAM-long, CALL-long, PCLN-long.