Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 16

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  1. AEL = -6.9%,

  2. AIR = +3.3%, 

  3. GME = +3.2%,
    • firmed higher in evening trade after the company approved a $500 million share and debt buyback program.
    • A pre-market open Thursday may have potential in the 19.20 to 19.45 area. Longs may want to watch for any dips back to the 18.96 to 19.20 area, levels that set up as a floor support through most of tonight's trade and where there may be opportunities to catch bumps back into the 19.30 to 19.40 levels.
  4. CLC = +2.6%,
  5. INCY = +2.6%,
  6. DBRN = -1.4%,
    • advanced in after-hours trade after the company reported a year-over-year rise in Q4 results and set its FY 2011 guidance in line with expectations.
    • With buyers having great difficulty holding gains tonight we would look at potential short opportunities in DBRN shares tomorrow. Shorts may want to eye any return to the 25.10 to 24.80 area, levels that set up as a ceiling through the late first-half and mid-session of tonight's trade. More risk tolerant shorts may want to linger closer to the 24.75 to 24.50 area, a range where sell momentum picked up steam into the second-half of tonight's trade before the issue dropped back near its after-hours lows.
  7. LVS = next buy 32.70 on volume.
  8. ISLN = next buy 24 on vol.
  9. ARNA = split decision and should be halted all day to wait for panel.
  10. BIDU = take some profits, but could continue 30%+ based off China's growth.
  11. FFIV = Got to love this strong uptrend, small pulls here and there, but eyes on $100. Should see higher prices.
  12. NTAP = trending higher, been popping early on in the day, keep that in mind. 
  13. CREE = keep eyes on
  14. RIG = keep eyes on