Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 29 - Tues. "Focus on Specific Movers"

Milestone F.I. LLC
  1. LULU
    • approved a 2-for-1 stock split
    • pre-market open Tuesday may have potential in the 86 to 86.60 area. Buyers funneled in steady volume support off the 85.82 area up to 86.25, a range that could have potential as a near-term floor support early Tuesday and perhaps see some attempts to climb back into the mid-86s.
  2. PVH
    • beating Q4 expectations and issuing mixed guidance
    • near-term historical data and PVH's decent tendency to add to after-hours gains in next-day action opens the the door for longs to watch the shares Tuesday, but we would still be cautious on the upside as the 62 level stood as a ceiling level through much of tonight's trade. Buyers established a tentative floor support Monday night at 61 to 61.50, an area longs may want to eye as a range that could see bumps back toward 62, or perhaps makes some early morning attempts from here to breach the 62 mark.
  3. AONE - selling shares big drop ah's, but on watch for tomorrow, been a good trader lately.
  4. FUQI - The company said early Monday that it received a letter from its independent registered public accounting firm, Marcum LLP regarding an internal investigation conducted at the request of the company's Audit Committee relating to certain cash transfer transactions involving the company
  5. ALU - closed up 8.8%, just extending the 8% pre-market gain that followed Goldman Sachs' upgrade to buy from neutral
  6. RSH - nice upward trend from mid day upgrade, on watch.
  7. TSLA - saying they should get aquired, posted the article on twitter earlier today, @stockhollywood
  8. OPEN, LULU, DANG, TZOO, only one not on this list is DECK, interesting. Deck might come down this week, looking for puts. 
  9. UPCO - I like the story behind this penny, Us Potash co.
  10. LLNW - might be doing a deal with facebook, ++ vry big.
  11. ALZM - very solid mover as of late, last week its run from 1.6 to 2.2
  12. CIGX - still waiting for this one to move over 4
  13. GDGI - got a good lil pump going on