Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 30 - Wed. "Japan Problems Resurface?"

Milestone LLC
  1. NLST 
    • pre-market open Wednesday may have potential surrounding the 2.60 mark. Buyers established a tentative bottom support tonight at 2.55 to 2.60, levels longs may want to eye through the early going and where there could be potential bounces back toward 2.70.
  2. OXM 
    • pre-market open Wednesday may have potential in the 27.45 to 28 area, bullish history in place on the upside, combined with some solid buy support tonight, possible long plays on the shares early Wednesday. 
    • Early buyers may want to target potential entry points near 27.45 to 27.90, an area that could set up as a floor support as the stock perhaps makes runs at breaking more aggressively back toward 28 or above.
  3. TIBX 
    • pre-bell open Wednesday may have potential near 25 to 24.50, is maintaining a reversal pattern between the sessions following its last seven years of earnings events, near-term, the stock favors widening its share move between the sessions, I'm inclined to follow the broad reversal trends in place in TIBX historically and go long, but be cautious on the long side as there was some significant sell pressure in the shares Tuesday night that could foreshadow continued aggressive early selling Wednesday. 
    • More risk tolerant longs may want to sit near the 24.24 to 24.75 area to start on Wednesday, a tentative floor support established late Tuesday that could have legs for lift back into the higher 24s or attempt to breach back through 25.
  4. SOMX: +2.9%; secures new patent.
  5. CEPH: +27.7%; gets $73 per-share offer from Valeant Pharma.
  6. VRX = buying CEPH, shares are up a ton...
  7. VHC - wanted to short this bitch all day, then I finally gave up scalping the short for peanuts and I got long, nailed it 2 times before I got caught up and killed on the pull it made back to 19 on panic selling.
  8. Rare Earths on Fire: REE, MCP, AVL, SHZ, etc.