Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 1 - Wed. "Dynamite Cat"

Milestone LLC
  1. GAME - buyers may want to target possible entry points surrounding 7.30, an area that could see bumps back into the higher 7.30s, or perhaps retrace its move back into the 7.40s.
  2. SQNS - was up huge today, but Cramer said sell it on his show, was down big ah's, look for strength to short into. 
  3. LNG - s/s this today and held over, luckily they are having a share offering so the stock pulled.
  4. VHC - in the zone of breaking out hard, will short into that break out, I think the float is prolly pretty large again.
  5. TSLA - big pop over 30 and a large pull as well, slowly grinded back up towards eod. I'm looking to scalp strong moves short.
  6. QPSA - broke out today, 
  7. YONG - held its gains well, but I'm looking for it to retest todays highs to short.
  8. VRML - could break out, a move over 5.75x6 to be safe.
  9. NEP - on my swing list, I added a long in a client's acct today, from 3.5, will follow soon.
  10. REDF - SIFY perked up some, REDF did not, news today saying that India will launch their own version of If you remember correctly when India did thier own groupon REDF ran, so we are looking for a similar thing here. Sympathy YOKU maybe.