Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 2 - Thurs. "Long Shot"

Milestone LLC
  1. VHC - should squeeze some more and test $30, idk how this stock rips like this, will be long early, then look to take it short on anything over $30, which should be overextended, but you know how this stock trades so be careful could easily push 31,32,33.
  2. ZAGG - I was playing this short all day, played a bounce after it touched below 11, but in all honestly this stock has just broken out of its resistance and should push higher, look for r/g move.
  3. WEST - be looking to get short at 2.5ish, good resistance there.
  4. CIGX - I know peeps that think this stock shouldn't be over a buck because they trying to cure Alzheimer's with supplements or so I hear, so look for $4 crack and flush. Might not happen fast though.
  5. NOK - severely beaten down, look for it to catch some support before u go long, chatter today about selling co.
  6. KV.A - is a runner when it gets going, this stock is beaten down, look for continuance in a strong mkt tomorrow, if we get that.
  7. ASTM - momentum looked most confident in evening action between 3.04 and 3.15, a range where a potential near-term base support could form Thursday morning and perhaps see some lift back toward 3.20 or higher.
  8. VRA - risk tolerant shorts may want to drop the entry down closer to 44 to 43 as the stock had difficulty holding support in this area through the late after-hours and may struggle at this level or below through the early going on Thursday.
  9. OWW - Buyers were most aggressive between 2.70 and 3.00 in Wednesday's evening action, a range where longs may want to watch for a possible floor support to form Thursday. However, it's likely OWW opens early trade above the 3.00 area in morning action so more risk tolerant longs may want to eye possible entry points near 3.00 to 3.20, levels that could see lift back into the mid-3s.