Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 10 - Tues. "Pineapple Express"

Milestone Financial Investments LLC
  1. OXGN - might run soon, looked extremely strong early on, but failed towards close. 
  2. KLIC - shorted this one frankly too early, thing is a beast, idk, might be a loser for me. This run has to stop some time soon.
  3. LFT - got beat up by another citron article calling it fraud.
  4. HRB - may 16 put vol 2500, short @ 16.25 tomorrow. 
  5. IMAX - pirates movie coming out, maybe swing some.
  6. AMRN - testing 16.5, if breaks we could see 17.8, saw some sept 22.5 calls vol spike.
  7. DUNR - great swing from .70ish, to over a buck, 1.50 been the wall lately.
  8. JBII - a dang beast, I'm hearing $5, been saying that for a few weeks now, lets see, its been popping up 2, then profit takers at 2.3, then over 3, profit takers 3.3, now over 4, profit takers 4.3, next tuesday this thing pushes 5, then I'd be done with it.
  9. MED - solid widening trend in place on upside moves would have us looking at a potential long trade in the shares Tuesday. Early buyers may want to watch for possible entry points between 22 and 22.50, a possible base support that could see lift into the higher 22s. More risk tolerant longs may want to goose the entry up toward 22.50 to 22.75, levels likely to see early day interest and perhaps serve as a floor level for attempts to break closer to 22 or above.
  10. RAX - strong reversal pattern in place on negative after-hours moves would have us looking at a potential long play in the shares to start on Tuesday. Longs may want to target any drops back near 41.31 to 42, levels where buy momentum was consistent tonight and where a floor support could develop tomorrow. More risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 42.25 to 42.50 area, levels that saw steady upside support late in Monday's after-hours session and where an early morning bottom could form Tuesday.
  11. MNKD - limited data on the downside isn't overly convincing to go hard on the short side in MNKD shares Tuesday, but with some aggressive selling hitting the shares tonight at 4.05 to 3.95 shorts may want to watch this area as a potential near-term ceiling level that could see negative drift into the 3.80s
  12. SCSS - IL put this one up, I really liked the patience and move over 17+.
  13. JAMN - been on the radar, peeps really want to believe, maybe take some long, small, see if it pans out, could move hard eventually.
  14. SIFY - man I was up about 15 cents and didn't take it cause I thought it would go r/g then take off, fake out, ended up taking a 10 cent loss, REDF moved over green and then fell back. So they are starting to perk, but still weak, keep taking a shot on the r/g move. 
  15. ARTX - a top gainer today, I'm shorting these.