Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 11 - Wed. "Molycorp Prolly Short"

  1. BMTI - big gap down from 13, looking for reversal signs, should prop up soon.
  2. DUNR - love the way this moves, looking for more upside, 1.3 and its right at resistance, big test.
  3. MNKD - got slaughtered today, looking for a gap fill after we get some sideways consolidation.
  4. RAX - great story behind this one, CEO is a beast, wait for weakness to add long.
  5. OXGN - squeeze alert is on the table gents, popped some eyes out of peeps heads today, I'm short biased on this, but only after we get these huge moves up, maybe 4.3-4.5ish, idk, have to call this one on the spot.
  6. MCP - pre-market open Wednesday may have potential in the 63.50 to 62 range. Sell momentum was strong tonight between 65.75 and 63.50, an area where a possible near-term ceiling level could develop for shorts to watch.
  7. ROVI - pre-market open Wednesday may have potential surrounding the 55 to 55.50 area. Buy liquidity looked most supportive tonight between 52 and 55.20, a wide range where a potential floor support could develop for longs to watch
  8. DIS - pre-market open Wednesday may have potential near the 42.80 to 42.60 range.  there was enough steady negative trade off the 43.17 to 42.80 range tonight to at least watch this area as a potential near-term ceiling level that could see weakness back into the mid-42s
  9. NYX - keeps popping up as getting a hostile bid.
  10. FINL - 52's weeks highs, check the chart, up up and away.
  11. AONE - “If electric vehicle production starts to ramp all over the globe,” Cramer said. “Then A123 might very well turn out to be an excellent speculative stock.”
    • as you know I'm long TSLA, so this is my kinda long play.
  12. ZAGG - squeezing shorts today, looking to get short myself though, lol.
  13. JAMN - just an easy trader lately, play the trend.
  14. FSII - from IL, yes, I love the 1 year chart too!...