Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 17 - Tues. "Going, Going, Back, Back"

Milestone Trading LLC
  1. TISA - great chart, great story, big rip to 3+, took some long, these tend to be multi-day runners lately, then great shorts. 
  2. URBN - shorts may catch a better look considering the late weakness shown this evening. Shorts may consider a sell in the 33 to 33.25 area, even up to 33.50 for potential moves back to the 32.75 to 32.50 area.
  3. MOTR - this one was brought up by IL in chat, love the beat chart, looking for sideways now with perks. 
  4. VRML - nice pullback off of 8, still broke out of range, so I'm looking for it to catch some love at 4.5ish to maybe get some long. 
  5. OXGN - great short trade, really yawl should join us in chat if your not already Investors Underground and be sure to use the code: BOOMWIN and get 20% discount if you do decide to join. 
    • Anyway I'm looking to long some if we get some support at 4, but maybe we see a wash below, then I'll long, justa watch for now. 
  6. BMTI - 7.25x7 and we get a washout and possibly a good bounce. 
  7. WINN - had e/r tonight, up a bit, but the 1 year chart is a dead give away of its future direction, up. Just let is set up an entry point, sub 7's ideal, but let it set up.
    • third-quarter profit climbed 12%, easily topping analysts' expectations, as the regional supermarket chain reported stronger gross margins.
    • same-store sales declined from a year ago due to a competitive environment within the sector, which was partially offset by price increases and an increase in sales in remodeled stores
  8. KLIC - holding 12, mkt weakness holding it back, let it pick a direction b4 you play this, but I like its moving potential.
  9. PLAB - stock's tendency to reverse upside moves has us targeting a short entry point around the 8.80 area for consideration.
  10. RMBS - 14.5 is the washout point, otherwise were gona get some sideways moves with perks. Short biased scalps on the open.
  11. RENN - starting to flatten out and move sideways, once we get confirmation with price and volume perks we should long and be good to roll. 12 seems like support.