Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 18 - Wed. "Market of Stocks"

Milestone Trading LLC
  1. CLDX - risk tolerant longs may want to watch the 3.30 to 3.40 area at the start Wednesday, an area that could set up as a potential floor support and perhaps move into the higher 3.40s or make a run at 3.50
  2. ADI -  Buyers may want to target possible entry points between 41 and 41.75, levels that could form as a base as the stock perhaps makes attempts to move back toward 42.
  3. TA - Craters 15% in Late Extended-Hours Trading Following 10 Million Share Offering.
  4. VRML - didn't like the reason why it was propped up today, US patent news. Still looking for a real perk.
  5. WINN - took some long at 8, popped up and held well, should push past 8 and test 9 soon. 
  6. RENN - has started to perk a small amount, looking for continuance of perkage and eventual trend back up to ipo open.
  7. RMBS - continued to fall, where it stops no one knows, but looking for panic drop to play the bounce until it sets up a long.
  8. GFRE - 4.5 rounding top, possible short, keep on watch. 
  9. MOTR - first day of green and I didn't play it, but have it on watch, almost moved too fast for me.
  10. OXGN - trying to reverse and get back to highs. text book retrace.