Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 19 - Thurs. "Bucket Shops Anonymous"

Milestone Trading LLC
  1. QPSA - first day in a while its propped itself up, we may see more from here, look for dips to add and then r/g for the run. Also, this is a sympathy play off of facebook sort of, but could quit possibly be a false bounce and good spot to short, idk, further...
  2. TISA - frustrated me today so I took my long off for a tiny loss, should of took the .20 cents, but greed got me, was hoping this would be a runner, on watch still, just backburner. 
  3. PETM - buyers may want to linger near the 44.40 to 44.70 range, levels that set up as a bottom support through much of the evening session and where there may be room to catch bumps back toward 45 or higher.
  4. AAP - Shorts may want to target potential entry points near 66 to 65.50, a top that held through the late first-half and second-half of Wednesday's after-hours session. 
  5. LTD - entry point between 40.20 and 41.50, levels where buy liquidity was strong in after-hours trade and where a potential near-term floor support could form. More risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 41.50 to 42 range as it's likely the shares start the day closer to these levels and perhaps look to firm back into the low- to mid-42s.
  6. HDY - beautiful call from Mud in chat today, inch, inch break out, easy  money, maybe more. 
  7. JAMN - IL called this one at .92, bottom ticked it, crazy run, looking for a break upwards on 1.7, should see 2 then. 
  8. WINN - more continuance from this one, I added yesterday at 8ish, then again today at 8.5, maybe I'll take a little off over 9.
  9. GFRE - this chart is showing a short for me, specific entry, on strength like close to 5 maybe if u can get it. 
  10. OXGN - refused to pass on, still short biased this just gives another chance to get short, I'm having trouble finding shorts though. 
  11. LONG - if 25 holds we may see some perks upwards towards retesting initial pop, is 30ish. 
  12. MAKO - really moving up lately, 30 test cometh. One of my favorite companies right now, that and RAX.
  13. CCME - reopens back up tomorrow.