Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 20 - Fri. "Dead Cat Bounce"

Milestone Trading LLC
  1. GPS - entry point between 40.20 and 41.50, levels where buy liquidity was strong in after-hours trade and where a potential near-term floor support could form. More risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 41.50 to 42 range as it's likely the shares start the day closer to these levels and perhaps look to firm back into the low- to mid-42s
  2. JAMN - 1.7 to 2.5 early on, then was a chop rest of the day with really no set ups, so tomorrow the 2.5 break out should be solid to 3ish, maybe hold and see if 3 breaks out, has been pushing through lately.
  3. YRCW - likely to be delisted, .75 low, see if it holds, I'd like to take some long, but they got a vote coming up to possibly add prefered stock which would severely hurt the stock even further. 
  4. QPSA - did the dead cat bounce, 8.3 was the top, pissed me off today cause I had called it, but let some noise distract me and ended up trying to play the bounce.
  5. LNKD - crazy ipo, 80 - 120ish,, on watch. 
  6. AMRN - pushed 52's, tried to hold over 18, tomorrow if it keeps this momo up, should be wonderful long, possible short if too strong. 
  7. MOTR - the 9 cross should be good, keep an eye on it. 
  8. TISA - if it could possibly push 3, hold then 3.3, could be a great eventual push, we'll see, this chop has me thinking to short it though. 
  9. BMTI - consolidation, 8 move, looking for that 8 cross to get into it, might anticipate it.
  10. RMBS - sideways, stalking for a run, 13.75 buy area, 14 push.
  11. ARO - the long side, buyers were growing more bullish late in evening trade near the low of 18.65 up to 18.90 - an area worth watching from the sidelines through the early-going Friday just to see if it holds as a possible floor support. 
  12. CRM - upside support we recorded rolling into the shares in the low- to mid-140s. Buyers looked most confident between 142 and 145, levels where a potential near-term floor support could form for longs to eye.
  13. Long Ideas: MAKO & RAX.