Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 24 - Tues. "Lone Wolf Pack"

Milestone Trading LLC
  1. SOLR - strong reversal pattern in place on upside moves, a consistent ceiling that developed tonight, and a history of rather significant percentage reversal moves, would have us looking at potential short plays on SOLR Tuesday. Shorts may want to eye any return to tonight's high of 13.35 down to 13.20, an area that may have legs as a near-term top that could see weakness back toward 13 or below. 
  2. PWRD - reversal trend in place off evening gains may open the door for shorts to watch the shares Tuesday, but it may be a cautious trade on the downside as there wasn't a significant level of sell momentum that moved into the shares tonight that would indicate a solid ceiling level to target. Longs may want to nibble at the shares between 24.17 and 24.50, a range where buy liquidity was steady tonight and where there may be room to catch upside turns into the higher 24s. On the short side, there was some sporadic selling at the high of 24.88 down to 24.75, a possible near-term ceiling level for shorts to eye.
  3. CHU - got a fraud call on it today, watch for weakness.
  4. LNG - ripped over 12 early on, top watcher here. Holding just below 12, maybe short any strong move over.
  5. AMRN - continues to push 52's.  So close to 20 that it most likely runs to it, swing trade.
  6. NEP - got a clean bill of health, these pop, then drop and set up to test again. Look for it to set up with sideways price movement then test 4 and eventually push.
  7. SQNS - a bunch of Cramer followers on this one, should run for a few days, then have a quick panic sell of, play how u choose.
  8. KKD - great e/r, peeps love to trade it, I see 9, I dont see 10.
  9. ARUN - bot some June 27 calls today for 1.45. I like it to push or at least test 28 next weeks, as long as mkt is forward, we good. 
  10. ORS - up a ton, 3 never moved, I'm short biased on this although shorts are few and far between, 3 short spot.