Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 25 - Wed. "jmo"

Milestone LLC
  1. SQNS -
  2. LNG - play maybe over, look for fades/drop though. Might catch some support at 10 and bounce.
  3. ORS - 3.25 double top, look short up there. 2.75 should bring a crack/nice move down.
  4. NEP - one of my favorites to swing long right now, working on a article.
  5. AMRN - do I hear $20?
  6. RMBS - had an alert set for 13.75 to watch and see if the stock puts in a higher low.
  7. JAMN - possible set up for a short into any strength in the morning. 
  8. PSS - risk tolerant morning buyers may want to linger near the 15.50 to 15.90 range, levels that could form as a floor support through the early going Wednesday and perhaps catch some upside turns back toward 16 or higher.
  9. AMAT - 13.35 and 13.45, we would be looking at testing the waters on the long side from here as traders may be able to peg this potential floor as an entry point that could see upside lift back toward 13.50 or above. Traders more inclined to lean toward a short bet may want to target a potential near-term ceiling developing close to the 13.62 to 13.50, levels that saw some of the strongest downside liquidity.
  10.  EXPR - .50 level was marked as a potential ceiling throughout Tuesday's after-hours trade, pushing back several upside tests. However, buy liquidity was rather robust from 21 up to 21.40, an indication the 21.50 level could be tested again Wednesday morning, and perhaps with the added volume due tomorrow longs may have a better shot at punching through this prospective top