Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 26 - Thurs. "Milestone"

Milestone LLC
  1. NTAP - entry points between 53 and 53.50, an area likely to see morning interest Thursday and perhaps catch some upside turns into the higher 53s, or retest the 54 mark. On the short side, any return to the 55 to 54.50 area may open the door for downside plays as sell liquidity was heavy 
  2. GES - buyers may want to target possible entry points in the 44.30 to 44.90 range, levels that stood as a floor support through the bulk of after-hours trade and where there may be room to catch more aggressive turns back toward 45 or above.
  3. CSC - pattern in place off evening declines gives us some pause on the short side of CSC. However, we would still be watching the 42.50 to 42 range as a possible ceiling level for short entry points through the early going Thursday morning as this tentative top was consistent throughout Wednesday's evening trade and could see downside drift back into the 41s.
  4. SQNS - awesome short today, 12 crack should bring a nice washout, I'll be looking for it early on.
  5. VIT - 22 negative call, brought it down to 20ish, stock came right back to 22, look for weakness.
  6. FSIN - severely beaten down, looking for a bounce play, maybe off 5.
  7. NEP - put out an article on twitter today, talking about how NEP is a buy long. off 3.
  8. MOTR - still on watch for a set up. 
  9. MOBI - got a nice pop early on today, maybe r/g move we see more. 
  10. LTXC - should be a good short at some point tomorrow, I'm told.