Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 27 - Fri, "The One%"

Milestone LLC
  1. OVTI - play the long side of the shares Friday morning, targeting possible entry points between 33.50 and 34, an area that could form as a near-term bottom support.
  2. SQNS - look for sideways price action, then start to perk back up and test $15.
  3. MOTR - test $9 and possibly break out. 
  4. CDTI - couldn't find any shorts today on this stock, but will be trying again tomorrow. 
  5. VIT - most likely a good short tomorrow 25.5ish.
  6. TRGL - wait for a pull then long, or pop to short, just dont knwo what it will do next. 
  7. KKD - I feel like anything over 9 is overextention. 
  8. LNG - 12 trying to get back to there. 
  9. ZAGG - 10.5 is the test could possibly break out from there. 
  10. SIFY - 5.75x6, flat possible short on this one, look for weakness, washout below 5.
  11. BCSI - Longs may want to linger near the 20.25 to 20.50 area to start, a range that stood as a floor support through most of the after-hours and where there may be room to catch some upside back into the 20.50 to 20.75 range.
  12. RUE - Buyers may want to watch for possible entry points between 31.50 and 32.50, a range where upside momentum was most confident through much of Thursday's after-hours session.