Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 5 - Wed. "Yesterday Money"

Milestone LLC
dont short tops, short double tops.
  • We most likely have morning panic and then test highs of the day tomorrow. 
  1. AKAM - first green move in a while, will watch for dips to add and push 34.
  2. SPPI - had a great day off of 8 move up, 4 huge days down, maybe done.
  3. TSLA - had a good pop ah's, still long from 25's great follow for 2 week hold. 
    • reports a Q1 loss of $0.51 v. $4.04 a year earlier and slightly better than the estimate for a loss of $0.52. Revenues were $49.0 million, a 35% increase from the $36.3 million reported in the prior quarter. The Street looked for $43 million.
    • So Tesla beat on both counts, now once this stock can move some cars we see a major gain, this Q2 is set to explode.
  4. SIFY - 5.5 was the bottom bounce point, nice move from there today, continuance.
  5. BIOS - stepping up, started yest @ 5.5, pushed to highs today 6.8, maybe tries for 7.
  6. AMRN - 15 is support level and a little over 16 is resistance, has started to funnel down, stocks usually do this so I suspect it should start perking soon.
  7. VHC - had a nice r/g run today, didn't hold, but be on the lookout for similar moves tomorrow.
  8. JDSU - looking to play the stock long from 21.25 area to possibly test 22+.
  9. WFMI - looking to play the stock long from 61 to see a push to 64.
  10. MCP - sold off big today, I'm long from 73.5 now, averaged down, but I see positive mentions hitting this stock and an upgrade pushing it to over 80 soon.